Letters To My Son : On Passion

Hello, my boy. How are you? I hope everything is well and if not, I hope things will get better. They always do.

I took the time to write down my thoughts on certain topics that you may find someday be of interest or encounter in the future. Rest assured that my mind is clear and devoid of any prejudice as of the moment of writing. I want to pass this wisdom I have acquired over years of existence onto you in case the opportunity to talk, for whatever reason, does not present itself. Without further ado…


Letter 2 : On Passion


There are two types of fire that burns within us all: the fire of Necessity and the flame of Passion. Once you reach the age of responsibility, you would eventually decide which among the two you choose to add more fuel to. My hope is for you, and anyone who may read this, is to find the necessity of passion over being passionate about feeding your necessity. Allow me to explain why.

For years, I have worked for a multinational corporation that paid a very handsome amount in exchange for my time and skills. At first, it felt like I was on top of the world. I could buy the luxuries I wanted and I could be a great provider. It felt like if I get to keep this job, I know for sure that our future is secured. It even came to a point that it felt like I could go on like this for as long as I live. Till one day, at the age of three, you said something that woke me up… “I want to do what you do when I grow up, daddy.”

Those words have dispelled the illusion I was in. I didn’t like my job, I needed it. I was being more of a mere provider than a father due to time constraints. And if at that moment I died, I would be so insignificant that nobody, maybe even you, would even remember my name. It suddenly felt that I was too busy existing that I forgot how to live. Moreover, I wouldn’t want this kind of life for you nor for anyone else. A few months later, after much thought and hesitation, I decided to quit.

The pursuit of passion is easier said than done. It is not for the weak-willed individual, my son. The bitter taste of failure will become all too familiar. You may have your heart scarred again and again by circumstances and people for doing and believing in your dream. You will experience hunger, doubt, lack and fear. I know because I did.

But through all of these you must endure. Listen: You must learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself for being wrong. Let your mind drive what your heart fuels, and don’t mix up the two. You must make time to improve yourself and understand that education does not stop at school. I want you to believe that you already won.

And once you do, you will know that passion can provide not only more than what you need, but also the need of others around you. Men of necessity secure themselves and those close to them. Men of passion secures everyone they can. That will be for you to decide but I hope you take the road less traveled.


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